About Us

We have participated in the resolution of many high profile cold cases for law enforcement as well as dozens of private cases for clients of unknown parentage utilizing the combined powers of DNA and genealogy.  Some of the cases we have worked on were decades old, and the DNA was very degraded, causing additional challenges.  We have the expertise and experience to handle very difficult cases that others may turn down, or to revitalize and re-examine those cases that may have stalled out with other genealogists. Some of our genealogical areas of specialization and experience in addition to work on forensic cases include the genealogy of minority populations, recent immigrants, international research, endogamy, non-paternity events many generations back, undocumented adoptions, paleography, and translation of non-English records.

Via Redgrave Research, we also administer FG4LE - Forensic Genealogy For Law Enforcement, which was the first training course of its kind. To date, we have trained Law Enforcement and Forensic professionals on six continents, mostly online, and in person in workshops across the USA. We have also trained select advanced genealogists via our limited internship program.

Apart from our work at Redgrave Research Forensic Services, we co-founded a nonprofit, the Trans Doe Task Force, which allows us to reprioritize cases that have been historically deprioritized and misunderstood.


Dr. Anthony Redgrave

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Lee Bingham Redgrave