Dr. Anthony Lukas Redgrave, Ed.D.

ared-headshot-1.jpgAnthony is our team’s lead forensic genealogist and head instructor of Forensic Genealogy Training for Law Enforcement (FG4LE).  He is also a co-founder of the Trans Doe Task Force. Anthony holds a Doctorate of Education in Transformative Leadership, and has an MS in Instructional Design and Technology. His dissertation, Needs-Based Standards Of Practice For The Use Of Forensic Genetic Genealogy In Investigations Of Violence Toward Marginalized Victims, focused on identifying strategies by which forensic genetic genealogy can be applied to cases of unidentified decedents who are from marginalized populations.  Additionally, he has an extensive background in multimedia art and design which he has applied towards forensic art. Formerly, Anthony was the training coordinator, a team leader and case manager for the DNA Doe Project.

Anthony has contributed to more than twenty solved cold cases via forensic genealogy since 2018, and has trained students from the FBI, NCMEC, RCMP, Australian Federal Police, Netherlands Forensic Institute, Brazilian Forensic Identification Institute, and the DoJ and NCIC.

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